"I have been visiting Sue Way for acupuncture regularly. I have always found the sessions very useful and I leave feeling a sense of great calm and well-being. Sue's manner as a practitioner is immensely supportive and very insightful. She has played an important role in enabling me to have a better understanding of myself. My experience of attending one of Sue's sessions is one I really value in my life and I hope to see her regularly for acupuncture in the future." (Ms F.K)

"I have been having acupuncture with Sue Way and I have found some issues have cleared up completely, whilst some ongoing things have been really helped and eased by my sessions with her. I find Sue to be a very sensitive and thoughtful therapist, with an ability to tune in to what would be of most benefit to me. I use Acupuncture as a way of maintaining a healthy balanced mind, body and soul and I really look forward to my monthly sessions." (Mrs F.H)

"Sue is the best acupuncturist I’ve been to and I’ve found her treatments to be consistently effective. She works very empathically, gently and intuitively and her sessions have really helped me with a range of personal issues. She is an unfailing source of wisdom and support in a crisis." (Ms R.W)

"My family and I have received Acupuncture from Sue for various ailments. She is friendly, warm and very caring. Sue is patient, gentle and understanding, offering good advice. Her holistic approach has helped us physically, as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I usually find, as the needles are positioned, I feel very happy and relaxed, with a great sense of well being. Sue has supported me greatly through what could have been a very difficult time." (Ms A. B)

"My own experiences with Sue (Way) have been nothing short of life changing. Her gentle and constructive manner has enabled me to reshape my health and attitude to life. A close friend recommended I see Sue. I knew very little about the merits of acupuncture but was willing to try and this was one of my best decisions. Sue’s integrity and skill as an acupuncturist were obvious right from the start and within a fortnight I saw improvement in my original ailment. Ongoing sessions have helped with body maintenance of the head and the heart. Sue’s softness and wisdom as a therapist have helped me deal with many issues. She is like a breath of fresh air that helps me make sense of life.” (Mr R.G)